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What Does A Coach Do?

A Coach help you reach your next level in many different ways. Not only can a coach share their knowledge, experience and insights, but they provide the space and structure that is needed for learning and growth.


 As your coach, I can help you to identify what you are looking to achieve (yes, sometime we don't even know), help you uncover blockages and help you reflect on various aspects or your life and whether or not they are supporting or hindering your goals. I can help you create plans, habits and routines as well as provide you with tools, resources, support, accountability and motivation along the way. 

Before We Begin-Are You Ready For Coaching?

If you are on this page, I am assuming you are looking for help with your nutrition. I only take on clients who are truly serious about their health and performance. The coaching process involves you taking a honest look at where you are and where you want to go. Change will be necessary and you are going to be required to step outside of your comfort zone. By change, it will be more than you trying new, healthy foods. It will actually involve identity transformation, a look at your relationships with others, food and yourself and will also likely involve adding new habits and practices to your daily routine such as exercise, journalling or meditation. I take a very holistic approach driven by my philosophy that nutrition is so much more than what we eat.  ​


Coaching is for people who really want to get to the root causes of their issues and to truly generate a burning passion for becoming the next level versions of themselves.


My 1:1 coaching packages begin at $100 per month and include at least one online or face to face session, plus ongoing communication and accountability. If you think you are ready, let's jump on a call and chat!

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